This website examines family dynamics, yours and mine.

About Me

Until 2001, I lived in the great state of Wisconsin. Then, my husband and I and our two fox red labs moved farther north. We now live on  Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where the breaking waves keep pace with my writing.

My Writing Roots

My Writing Roots

It seems I've been writing all my life. In my early years, I wrote poems. My writing has become more story-focused with fiction and nonfiction short stories. Recently, I've completed a memoir  about growing up with nine siblings in a family marked with emotional upheavals.

My Writing Style

Before I put pen to paper, my stories germinate for a while in my mind and heart. True stories, and memories from long ago and  recent times, find the way  to the printed page, giving clear evidence of story—through dialogue, places and times.
Before releasing my words for others to read, I sift and edit what I've written many times. 

Are You a Writer too?

We all love true stories—so feel free to share.

Memoir Writer at Work

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